Nikhil Shyama DAV Public School
Dumra, Bhisa, Sitamarhi, BIHAR, 843301
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  • Flatten the Curve. Stay Home. Stay Safe.
General Rules  

1.     Abide by the school rules and help foster harmony & efficiency.

2.     Safeguard and beautify school properties.

3.     Be regular in pursing the notice etc. pasted on the school notice board.

4.     Follow the maxim: Let noble through come to us from every side.

5.     Conduct yourself as an ambassador of the school in all situations & crate good will for your beloved institution.

6.     Imbibe the spirit of universal brotherhood and mutual co-operation.

7.     Imbibe the virtues of politeness, kindness, nobility , integrity , honesty , service and  sacrifice.

8.     Students are expected to be respectful , courteous and cultivate good manners,

9.     Endeavour at all –round development of the personality.

10.            Be in tune with the culture of India and enrich it with the study of modern science and technology.